Tuesday, June 17, 2008

God Bless These Chicken Nuggets

My kids teach me a lot of things. They teach me patience, I seem to be a slow learner at this, I keep tying. They teach me about love, kindness and they teach me how to have faith like a child.

Big D and I want to teach our children that you don’t have to hide your faith, we are open and talk about God with them everyday. These little folks are not reserved when it comes to talking about their faith or prayers around anyone, for this I am grateful.

The lesson they taught me happened one day at McDonald's I took them there for lunch and to run around in the play area. We got our nutritious meal of cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets and sat down in the crowded play area to eat. My kids know they have to eat all their food before they can play. I guess that gives me a point for being a good mom, even though I feed them fast food sometimes for lunch.

The place was packed. Moms, Dads, and kids filled the tables. There were also kids running around playing. We were about to start eating when Miss said, “Wait we have to say grace.” This was at a time when we had just begun making prayer apart of our daily lives. Being reserved in my faith, I felt uncomfortable. I did not want my kids to see I felt this way, I put my burger down and said, “Go ahead."

The kids quietly folded their hands and made the sign of the cross. In a normal voice they said Grace. I followed their lead. I had my head down so I don’t know if people were looking at us or not. I didn’t care; after we said Grace I could not have been more proud. I thanked God to myself. I thanked him for these children, and I asked him to help me to be like them.

That day as my children and I said Grace over our chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers I felt God was truly giving me a lesson through these little children. Have faith like a child, God is everywhere, (even McDonald's) and never be afraid to be who you are. Now our family always says Grace before we eat no matter where we are. I don’t feel uncomfortable about it at all.

My children taught me that.


Ginny said...

We have gone through the exact same thing. We didn't start praying before meals until less than a year ago. It was a little hard in public the first couple of times. But like you said, the children really lead the way.

Linda said...

I've been looking around your blog and you remind me so much of my daughter. She's a catholic and SAHM to four children...7, 5, 3, 4 months. You can see she has her hands full just like you. The baby will be baptized this coming weekend.

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you will visit again.

Soul Pockets said...
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Soul Pockets said...

Linda, thank you for stopping by. Congratulations on the new Grand baby! Yes I am sure her hands are full and her heart as well. I will defiantly be visiting you again.


Soul Pockets said...

ginny, Isn't it funny what children can teach us. God bless