Monday, June 2, 2008

Now That's Talent

Friday we spent the evening at Miss and Little D’s school. It was the night of their talent show. Last year Miss sang You Can’t Get to Heaven on Roller Skates. This year she sang Work it Out from High School Musical 2. It was a bit of a difference from last year, but she did very well. It made me realize she is growing up, still my sweet innocent baby girl, but still growing up.

Lil D did something a little different. Before I tell about it I need to go back a couple of weeks to give the whole story.

This was Lil D ‘s first year in the talent show. I was curious as to what he was planning to do. The conversation went something like this…

Me~”What do you plan on doing for the talent show?”

Lil D~ “I am going to do my Irish dance.”

Me~ (puzzled, because he has no dance training and I had no idea he knew what an Irish dance was) “What Irish dance?”

Lil D~ “This one.”

Then Lil D proceeds to do a 7-year-old rendition of River Dance. He folds his hands across his chest and starts kicking his legs. It was like River Dance meets Russian Dance.

Me~ “Oh.”

Here was my dilemma, I felt like one of the parents or friends of a contestant on American Idol. Do I say the dance is not that great and crush his dreams, or do I let him do what he wants and stop being so dramatic over a child’s talent show? I chose to stop being dramatic.

Among the other things I keep in my minds inventory, I pondered on how I was going to help Lil D’s performance. Do I dress him as a leprechaun? Do I get him a tall furry Russian hat, should he wear tights? After a couple of days with these oh so important thoughts going on in my mind, Lil D comes up to me as I was doing the dishes.

Lil D~ “Hey mom, want to hear me say the ABC’s backwards?

I say sure, expecting this to be a little joke and he is going to say CBA. But no, he rattles off the whole Alphabet backwards. I asked him to say it again but slower this time. He does and sure enough he knows the whole Alphabet backwards. I asked him how he learned that and he said he just knows how. My first thought was, he’s gifted!

Like any proud parents Big D and I asked him to do this for every family member and friend that we came across.

I could not have been happier when Lil D announced he would be saying the ABC’s backwards for the talent show. That meant no Irish/Russian dance while wearing tights.

Friday night Miss did her song looking cute as ever, doing a little dance as she sang. After a few dancers, piano recitals, and singers, my Lil D came out. He announced what he was going to do and then he did his ABC’s. I could not help but notice the people in front of us look at each other with wide eyes. When Lil D had finished he came to sit down by us. The lady next to him was telling him what a great talent he had. Lil D then told the lady that he could also spell his name backwards, and he did.

Maybe I went a little far telling myself that Lil D is gifted. I am genuinely impressed by his ability to say his ABC’s backwards. My children make me proud everyday, weather they can sing, dance or do any other talent kids may have.

Lil D is a gift to me and I think I will still say he is gifted, even if it’s a thought I keep to myself.

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