Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Fashions Not Found in the Junior Department

I am going to be turning 33 this month. I have decided to take a vow and not shop in the junior department for clothes anymore.

This may seem shocking for some. I am sure a lot of women have been out of the junior department well, since they were juniors. I on the other hand have a hard time letting go. If you have ever seen the show What Not to Wear, I am like the poor women who need to be told, you are not a teen or twenty something anymore!

I will be staying away from any type of jean that is not meant to be worn by anyone with hips.

I love fashion; I am just not good at it. I like trends, but I need to know when to pass one up when it is not suited for my body type or age.

This is why I am so happy about the fashions for this spring and summer. Lets take the walking short for instance. I love these. They come to just above the knee, and if you buy the right cut they look modest but in a cute and stylish way.

Another thing I also love is the longer more feminine tops and tees. They are a little bit baggier, a blessing to a mom of four. They are still very flattering. I just need to be careful on how billowy the shirt is. I want to portray stylish mom, not soon to be mom of five.

I am also fond of the dresses this summer. They have a more classic and retro look.

It seems the fashion industry has been thinking of the normal women out here in the real world. I want to look my age, be modest, and be stylish as well. I think these fashions do just that.

I still have not worked up the courage to get rid of my beloved zip up hoodies or flip-flops. I don’t think that will ever happen.

Here are some of the fashions that I like for this season.

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Ginny said...

I am with you all the way with this post (especially the hoodies and flip flops)! I recently also realized that I can't continue to buy clothes made for teens because I am no longer built like a teen! Thank goodness for tunic tops and I also love the to the knee shorts this season!