Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Good and The Bad

We had a wonderful Easter. Lots of food, fun with the family, and candy as far as the eyes can see.

I think I did well during Lent. We stayed on our tight budget sacrificing every way we could. I slowed down during prayer and made it a point to pray more. Now that lent is over and Easter has come and gone it is important to continue what I started during Lent.

I would like to work on my attitude. My life is so blessed and I could not think of any other way I would rather live, so why do I find myself in a bad mood with a bad attitude more often than I would like to be? Maybe it is because I am not the person I really want to be and the only way to become that person is to surrender to God.

When I was in Church during the Easter season I looked around and I saw the statues and the crucifix covered in black drapes, no flowers, and things were really somber. I felt scared as I thought this is how life would be with out our Lord in it, dark and draped in blackness. I thanked God for being in my life and I could not wait for Easter morning when the Church would be full of life again.

As I pondered my attitude it came to me that I am at my worst when I drape a black cloth over our Lord and try to take control myself. It is the times when I shut Him out, not intentionally, but it is when I let myself belong to the world and my desires more than belonging to Him.

I want to feel like Easter morning. I know this can't be possible all the time, but it is worth a try to make it happen most of the time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have been neglecting this blog. Things are going well with my family. My Mom's test came back negative, thank God. My pregnancy is going well and everyone is doing good.

I just finished reading Gone With The Wind. My grandmother was always reading this book and watching the movie and I thought it was probably boring and never had any interest. I was wrong. I loved the book and I can't wait to watch the movie.

During these last few days of Holy week I will not be posting on this blog. I will be back after Easter, hopefully with interesting things to write about.

May the Lords blessings be with all of you though the Easter season and always.
Have a happy Easter!