Sunday, June 15, 2008

Super Hero

The most important thing a Father can do for his children is love their Mother. ~Unknown

This quote holds so much truth. I think the reverse is true as well. What is more precious to a mother than her children? And what warms a mother’s heart more than a man who loves and cherishes those children.

A man who would sacrifice his own life to make sure those children were safe and sound.A husband can be such a wonderful title. Becoming a husband can bring out a man’s potential that he never knew he had. But becoming a father and giving his children all of himself makes that man different. It makes his soul shine, and his agendas worthwhile. It also brings out a love from his wife that she may not have known she possessed.

When I think of Big D as my husband and as my children’s Father, this is what comes to mind. A man that has been transformed into something he may have never thought he could be, a Provider, a protector, a teacher, a super hero, and a friend.

I loved my husband more than life itself the day I married him. When I saw the transformation from husband into father I did not know there could be such an intense love. Being the Father that he is to the most precious people in my life is something I will forever be grateful for.

He is our provider, our protector, our teacher, and most definitely our super hero.