Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Thrifty Shopper

Where I live the weather changes so quickly. You don’t know if it is going to be 70 degrees outside or 40 degrees.

The cold weather has been pretty consistent. I took the winter coats out and had the kids try the coats on. All the while crossing my fingers hoping their coats would fit one more year.

Everybody’s coat fit perfectly except Miss. She has gotten so tall that last years coat was not going to cut it. Miss needed a winter coat now so I headed off to my favorite place, our local thrift store.

We have an awesome local thrift store. There are some days when I go that I can’t find anything, but most of the time I can find some really good stuff.

The kids and I went hunting for a winter jacket for Miss. At first the selection was not that great. Either the coats were not warm enough or way to worn. Then Miss spotted a lime green coat that she loved. It was heavy and warm and looked brand new. It was a London Fog winter coat and as I was inspecting it I saw it still had the tags on it and the price on the tag was $60.00. The thrift store price was $8.99, score!

After the thrift store we did some shopping at the dollar store to find curlers. Miss made up her own costume this Halloween and it includes curlers for her hair.

The kids were being good, and I was still excited about my awesome find at the thrift store. A lady was looking at us and I smiled. Before she walked out the door she said, “Now that is really being handicapped.”

It did not register in my brain what she said until she was out the door. Then I said, “Did she just call me handicapped?”

I began to get angry and was glad that the women had left because I really wanted to say something to her. But instead I shrugged it off and thought about the cool lime green coat that I got for a steal and went on my merry way

As we returned home from an exciting day of thrifty shopping a family member stopped by to chat, it went something like this…

FM-“How is Homeschool going?”

Me- “It is going really well.”

FM- “That’s good I guess.” “I just feel bad for you.”

Me- “Umm, I’m good”

FM- (gives me a look like she knows something I should know too.)

Me- ‘Look at this awesome coat I got….

FM- (cuts me off to tell me about her ailments)

Determined not to lose the happy feeling I have had most of the day, I listened politely as I looked at Miss wearing the brand new coat I bought for $8.99 and tried to remember that it really has been a good day.

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