Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pro abortion protestors attack Catholic young people praying

I usually don't post two times in one day but this video I came across at The Catholic Knight just made me want to cry, and at the same time feel so proud of the young Catholics who stood up and defended our Church.

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Katie said...

That was hard to watch but it was also really inspiring and awing to watch them standing up like that!

Marie said...

My goodness that was shocking but a need to see. Did a woman actually SPIT in a young man's face? How despicable!

But one thing, you can truly SEE what Spirit is at work in both groups. To those praying the Hail Mary you see calm, peace, resignation, determination and perseverence. To those who support abortion and gay rights..there faces are a mix of spite, hatred, spittle, venom and sheer malice.

Thankyou for showing this clip hon. What a WAKE up call...and BRAVO to those courageous young people:).

God's abunandt love to you hon:)

Marie oxoxoxoox

Journey of Truth said...

Wow. Like Marie said, you can definitely see the spirit and the Spirit at work here. It was difficult to watch, but wonderful in how I could still hear the steady prayers to Our Lady.