Friday, October 3, 2008

Party,Cake,and Dogs

Tomorrow we are having a big block party and celebrating Miss and Bug’s birthday. I have been busy all day getting ready.

I used to buy the kids cakes, and then one year decided to make their birthday cakes. Now they expect a homemade cake every year. That is fine with me but I am not all that good at cake decorating. But if the kids like it than that is all that matters.

Here is my attempt at Dora. I know she looks a little creepy, but you can still tell it is supposed to be Dora right?

And what is cake making without a little of this?

Last but not least we have the dog. Our little Corgi, Leia, who liked to run away all the time was let out the front door buy someone who has something smeared on his face most of the time. She would always come back, but this time she didn’t. The kids were heart broken. I went looking for her, called the shelters, nothing.

Today Bug was telling me how she keeps having dreams of Leia and how upset she is about not having her. I decided I would go to animal control to ask about her. Well while we were there we had to look at the dogs. Lil D became misty eyed because of all the animals alone in the cages. Bug got upset because Leia was not there. Then the kids saw the little Jack Russell looking at us with desperate eyes. The kids pleaded with me to rescue her.

I would like you to meet Maggie. Yes I am a pushover.


Chris said...

I think your cake looks pretty good. It is better than what I could have done. Enjoy your party!

Ginny said...

I hope you find your corgi-but the new dog is adorable! Our dog is named Maggie as well, but she is a border collie mix.
That's a very ambitious cake-I always make homemade, but never try to make it look like anything but a frosted cake!

+JMJ+ said...

What a cake!