Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Bug!

My Little Bug is 4 years old today!

Time goes by so fast and little ones grow up so quick.

As a baby I held you in my arms, looked into those deep brown eyes and tried to ingrain every feature of your angelic face into my memory.

Rubbing my cheek against yours, Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, there are not enough kisses in the world that could satisfy my affection toward you.

Look how you run, catching up with the big kids. Playing games, singing songs.
Sitting all alone reading a book. You are becoming such a big girl now.

You are so busy, with so much to say. There is always something for you to do and explore.

Then there are times where everything is quiet. You crawl into my lap and I hold you like I did when you were tiny. I look into those deep brown eyes, hold your soft little hand, and kiss your tiny button nose. These times are when God shows us that he is near. These times are when God lets me see and feel a little piece of heaven.

Happy Birthday Princess, I love you.


Chris said...

I'm a little behind in reading my blogs. So Happy Late Birthday to Bug! I hope she had a good day. The pics you posted are so darling. She is so cute! I love the first one.

Marie said...


All the way from sunny Australia!

Also that cake looks delicious may I have a LARGE piece lol ;)heehee.

Peace to you:)

Marie xoxooxo

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

This post reminds me of a tradition that I started with my Rachel.

Every year on her birthday I wrote in her "birthday book", a beautiful journal I got when I was expecting her.

On her 22nd birthday, she was pestering me to write in it!

It meant a lot to the both of us throughout the years. So important to document and preserve our joys! On paper, or in our lovely blogs!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday!