Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Dwellings I Would Not Mind Calling Home Sweet Home

1.Craftsman Home

I love the Craftsman style house. There is so much character and charm.

2. Victorian Home

The Victorian home used to be my favorite. They look a little spooky to me now. They still make the list.

3.Farm House

A nice peaceful farm house.

4. A Cottage

5. A home in a Bavarian Village.

6.A Home in Tuscany.

I can imagine Big D and I sitting in this Tuscan living room, sipping our vino and enjoying life.


Who has ever not wanted to live in a castle? Not much my taste anymore, but they are beautiful.

8. English Cottage

9. A beautiful Home in Ireland.

10. A Hobbit Home

I thought living in a Hobbit home would be unrealistic, until I found out that they do make Hobbit homes for humans, yay!

11.Any Home with a wrap around porch.

12. Log Cabin

This is for Big D. he has dreamed of living in a log Cabin.

This is what comes to my mind when I think Log Cabin.

13. Home Sweet Home

Wherever these munchkins are is the best place to call home.

Thursday Thirteen


Baby Mama said...

A great list! The house in the first picture is my favorite style

Judy Thomas said...

What great pictures of your kids. They are so snuggly. And, you're right... with the loved ones around, it doesn't really matter where you live, you're home.

That said... I want one of each :-)

B Boys Mom said...

What beautiful homes. I love the log cabin! Happy TT

Toni said...

What a great list. I like the ones in the first as well. Of course the castle, well as long as someone else is cleaning!

Like you the last one is a keeper. Home is where the heart is!

Anonymous said...

I think I like the cottage best... but you know it was hard to decide! This was a great idea for a list, one I haven't seen before!

Jill said...

yup, a place is not home if you don't have your loved one with you!
And my favorite is the english cottage... I really like the brick charm of it.

Nicole said...

Oh I love those! And I know what you mean about the munchkins. I will miss mine when they leave the nest...think I'm having pre-empty nest syndrome somedays already!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my list! =)

Kristi said...

This was a fun T13 to read. I love the Hobbit one.

Denise Patrick said...

The very first picture would be my first choice, but I also love wrap-around porches. But, in the end, you're right - home is where my family is; the structure doesn't matter!

Happy TT!

Christie O. said...

yep, i'd pretty much call any one of those home too! i have always wanted a house with a cone. i must have a house with a cone. one day. cute pictures of your little ones!!! that's the best type of home!

the teach said...

Soul Pockets, beautiful homes, all of which I'd love to live in. I live in a genuine Tudor house built back in the 1930s. It has been designated a landmark in my area. :)

Christine said...

I will take the castle. With the maid and butler and all that fun stuff.

There is no place like click!

Kara said...

Great list! I love 1-9... and of course 13. :) I dream of a Victorian house with a wrap-around porch.

Or just escaping to Europe to live in a castle, such an obtainable dream. :)

Slacking Overachiever said...

Such lovely choices. The last is the most beautiful ;)

storyteller said...

I love the photo of your 'spoiled dog' in Wednesday's post looking so cozy & comfy ;--)

Wow ... these are all wonderful homes (methinks #11 is my fav at the moment) but the photos of your kids are special indeed and you're right ... home is where the family & heart is.

Thanks for dropping by Small Reflections ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Ambajam said...

We are having a cute baby photo contest this month. There are only 10 days left to enter. I hope you consider entering your little one or maybe help spread the word. ;)

Here's a link to the contest info:

+JMJ+ said...

I Agree! I would have looked at craftsmans. victorians and log cabin too and perhaps a few Dutch colonials and english tudors!


Oh, and the Hobbit, english garden types too!