Friday, July 11, 2008

Home School Curriculum

School is right around the corner. For some home schooling families it has already started. This will be the first year we are going to home school. Miss and Lil D have gone to a Catholic School thus far. Though I like the school and love the parish, home schooling seems to fit our family better.

I purchased some of our curriculum from cathswap a group on Yahoo. The books were hardly used and I got them at a great price. According to Catholic Home School Support, cathswap has been changed. Here is also a new group CHSSwap that is the like version of the old cathswap.

We purchased the rest of our curriculum from the Michigan Catholic Home School Conference. All of our books arrived yesterday. I thought I would give a list of the curriculum each of my children will be studying.

Miss 5th grade

Religion~ Faith and Life series

Math~ Saxton 6/5

Science~ Harcourt Science (Kolbe Academy offers this Science curriculum)

History~ Catholic Heritage, From Sea to shining Sea

English/language~ Catholic Heritage, Language of God

Reading~ Seton readers and the Dear America series to start. Miss loves the Dear America series, and you can get the questions for each book on Scholastic's website.

Writing~ Each child will have a journal to write in. I also purchased the book Stories with a View. I love this book. It is great because both kids can do it together. There will be book reports, creative writing ect…

Handwriting~ Seton handwriting for young Catholics

Geography~ Seton Map skills

Spelling~ Spelling Workout

Lil D 2nd grade

Religion~ Faith and Life series

Math~ MCP math

Science~ Harcourt Science

History~ I really could not find any history that I liked for 2nd grade. Either there wasn’t any or it was boring. So I decided that what ever Miss was learning about in her history book. Lil D and I could do a unit study on the subject. Then Both Lil D and Miss can do the crafts together.

English/language~ CHC Language of God

Reading~ Seton readers, Lil D loves these readers. He has been reading them to me all summer. I love these. CHC Devotional Stories for Little folks.

Writing~ Journal and Stories with a View.

Handwriting~ Seton Handwriting for Young Catholics

Geography~ Seton Map Skills

Spelling~ Spelling Workout

I have yet to find anything to do with art. I don’t know how I want to approach this. Ginny over at Small Things With Great Love gave some good art ideas. I think I will let Big D and my Dad handle art because they are the artists. I would love any feed back on some good art books or materials that you may like or find helpful.

I am always looking for new ideas or tips. If there is a certain book or curriculum you like, let me know. My ears are open to any advice or tips.


PaulaB52 said...

We just got our curriculum yesterday. My son is in 5th and using Saxon 4/5. This is the 1st time we've used Saxon. From flipping through the book, I think I"m going to like it.

Ginny said...

Isn't fun when your materials arrive in the mail? We are really liking the Childsize Masterpieces series that I posted about. I recommend buying the folders that they sell along with the postcard sets. We are making a trip to the National Art Gallery again next week for more art postcards because my five year old loves this stuff. However, the program becomes more advanced for older children as well.

Crimson Wife said...

We really like the books "Saints for Young Readers for Every Day" from Pauline Books & Media. They have short, kid-friendly stories about the lives of the saints & blesseds for each day of the year. They make a good family read-aloud as part of morning devotionals.

Soul Pockets said...

Crimson Wife, I just checked out the "Saints for Young Readers for Every Day" They look great. Thank you for the tip.