Monday, July 21, 2008


Lil D and I were snuggled on the couch as I read to him from our Children’s Bible. I decided to read him the Sermon On The Mount. I read from the Bible and then Lil D and I would talk about what exactly Jesus was telling us and how we can follow what He was saying in our own life. We were having a sweet Mother son moment

Lil D then asked me a question I didn’t really know how to answer. He said, “Mom if you saw a homeless person on the street would you bring him home to stay with us?” I looked at Lil D for a minute and wasn’t quite sure how to answer. I decided to tell him the truth, and said no, I would not invite a strange homeless person into our home.

Lil D had a look of surprise on his face, like he could not believe I said no. He said, “Why Mom, Jesus would.”

Explaining that there is bad in the world to my children really upsets me. Whether it is about strangers, mean people, or whatever. It seems every time I have to talk about the cruelty of the world to my children they loose a bit of their innocence.

I had to explain to Lil D that I would not bring a random homeless person into our house because I could not be sure if he or she were a good person or not. I could not risk it if the person was dangerous.

I told Lil D I would give the person money, food and my prayers. As I looked into Lil D’s eyes I wished that the world and the people in it could be trusted as much as my little guy trusted me.

After Lil D and I were done with our reading and our talk he looked at me and said, “Well if they can’t come over than the next time I see a homeless person I am going to bring them a loaf of bread and a jar peanut butter.” My heart swelled up and I just gave him a hug and said Jesus would love if you did that.

I am glad Lil D was shocked when I said I wouldn’t invite a homeless person into our home. I hope when it comes to helping people in anyway shape or form Lil D will always be shocked at people who don’t do it.

I think it is time I looked at how our family helps those in need and see if there is more we can do. I want to show Lil D and the rest of my children that there are ways we can contribute to the needy. I need to put more action into the words I tell them when I say it is our duty to give to those who have less than we do.

If my little guy is willing than I should be too.


Christie said...

hi! Thank you for the comment on our dog. The boys are doing much better. My Kaleb says a prayer for Puppy every few hours...he is very concerned that she has someone to care for her in Heaven.

Your son sounds like my Nathan. He is such a giving soul. I have to warn him every so often that not all people are our friends. He doen't know a stranger and I'm afraid someone will eventually take advantage of his friendliness. It really bothers me, too, that I have to teach my boys that there are bad people in the world and we have to careful about those we meet.

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

NICE post. Thanks for visiting my blog. I wonder if we know some of the same people. I used to home school and we are not that far away.

SissyMerks said...

You are doing a good job mom. You have a kind hearted, caring and aware young man. You are teaching him well. Keep up the good work.