Monday, May 19, 2008

The New Kid

This is the very first post of my very first blog. I am a little scared and a little excited. The same kind of feelings I get when I think about embarking on the adventure of homeschooling.

Next fall we will officially be a homeschooling family. I have been a mom for 9 years so I feel pretty comfortable with it. I can hold my own so to speak. Now that I am plunging into this new area I really feel like "the new kid."

When we decided to home school, I knew I wanted a Catholic curriculum so that narrowed it down some. I still spent the first couple weeks glued to the computer looking at all the great curriculum and what would be just perfect. I have met some great ladies that belong to the home school groups in my area. They have pointed me in the right direction. One mother home schools eight children, that gave me a little hope that I would succeed in homeschooling my oldest two.

Even though I feel like the new kid, awkward and unsure, I have felt so welcomed in my home school community. The support is such a blessing. Life is such a wonderful adventure, you never know what will be around the next corner. I will be taking the love of my family,
the trust in my faith, and the support of friends. I better hold on because here I go!


Anonymous said...

Every person is "the new kid" at one time or another. It's no less frightening however. You are afraid you may make yourself sound like a fool or that no one will care about what you have to say. I love you, I care. Besides, Look at it this way, it's not like your standing in an airport store with a toilet seat cover hanging outta your pants and some really handsome latin man is snapping pics of your toilet seat covered laden behind on his camera phone while everyone gets a good teehee at your expense. It's not like that right?
Love ya.

Angie said...

It's really funny, because I could have written just about all of this (even the being a Mom for 9 years -- LOL).

How about we just be a little terrified together, okay?