Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Knight in Training

Lil D is my first born son. He is the light of my life, full of personality and wit. He is extremely funny and quite the little charmer.

As of right now I am clueless when it comes to young boys. With Miss I can spend hours with her as she describes in detail her feelings, what’s going on in her life, and her thoughts on it. Lil D on the other hand is not the type to share his feelings; it is hard for me to come to a conclusion about what is going on with him.

For the most part he is an awesome kid, I think he just needs to learn a little impulse control. And to come to the understanding when and where being the funny little comedian that he is would be appropriate.

I don’t know how many times I have to ask my husband, “Is this normal?” about my sons’ behavior. Every time Big D will shake his head and with a smile say, “Yes, it is normal.”

Lil D loves knights and everything that goes with them. Swords, castles, the battles, you name it he likes it. Big D came up with a great behavioral chart for Lil D. It is a chart that will help him learn to use the Cardinal virtues. Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude. These are virtues any good knight would have. When Lil D shows that he has done one of these virtues, he gets a badge. After a month if he gets a certain amount of badges he will receive a knight award and a prize.

Even more exciting was when Big D took him into the back room and reveled the real sword I had bought Big D before we were married. (Even big boys like to be knights)I thought Lil D’s eyes were going to pop out of his head. He could not believe that in our own house we possessed a real sword. When Lil D saw this magnificent piece of shiny metal he said, “When I get big and you move out do I get to keep this.” He thinks that when he gets older his dad and I will move out and he will get our house. I don’t have the heart to tell him it is the other way around

Big D told him that if he worked really hard on learning and using the virtues to become a proper knight he can have the sword, and we will hang it on his wall in his room. (Just an FYI, the sword is a decorative piece it is not sharp)

So I think this is going to turn out to be a good plan for Lil D. Meanwhile I will be waiting patiently as my little squire grows to become a gallant knight. All the while picking my brain to come up with the combination to crack the safe I call my son.