Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I could live without but thankful that I don't.

I did not take any coffee camping with us, I figured I could go with out. Lets just say I am thankful there was a store that had coffee close by.

2. Water pressure
There is nothing worse than a slow trickle of water coming out of the shower head when you really need to take a shower.

Oh computer how I love thee. You help me find information so easily. You keep all my cyber friends in touch. Friends are hard to come by for people who write bad poems to their computer and how they are loved so much.

Music soothes my soul and puts me in a good mood. I guess it would be my family who is really thankful I have my music.

I love books. A good story to escape to is something I treasure. Books that about other people's life journeys and inspirations. Books give me hope and free my mind. I love my books.

6.Running Water
Running water is the best. When I have to keep the kids and myself clean using a bottle of water or a water pump, I really am thankful for those little knobs that say hot and cold.

7.Baby Wipes
I know some think using washcloths and more organic alternatives to baby wipes are better. Maybe they are but I am thankful to have sweet smelling cloths at my disposable. From cleaning up the kids to the fast dusting I have to do when unexpected company is coming over. I am thankful for baby wipes.

There may be a few people who have a dislike for these rubber like shoes. I think they are the best kid shoes ever invented. The kids can wear them anywhere. Kids can get them wet, muddy, or slop them through swamp water, these shoes will come clean. Crocs dry in an instant. They never rip. Sure Uncle Bob may not be a pillar of fashion as he wears his red Crocs with black socks and plaid shorts to the family BBQ, but for kids they are the best.

9.Mom Blogs
Since I became enthralled with the blogging world I have really come to enjoy Mom Blogs. I have learned so much about being a mom and raising a family. I have learned how to make the coolest crafts and projects, frugal meal ideas, and a lot of humor. I enjoy the journeys of faith, life tips, and the adventures of Mommy hood.

10.Ethnic Food
I love ethnic food. Arabic,Mexican,Chinese,Greek, the list goes on. I am thankful to live in an area where all these food choices are readily available.

11.Sweat Pants
I really don't care about fashion when it comes to sweat pants. I love them. You can't beat a well worn soft pair of sweat pants. Especially after you have eaten a mountain of ethnic food. (see #10)

12.My Camera
I love memories. I save anything that may have good memories attached. I take tons of pictures. If you look through my photos for instance you will see many pictures of my kids on Halloween. Same poses same backgrounds just different costumes. I cannot bear the thought of not capturing the moment even though I have a box filled with basically 400 of the same pictures.

13.Plastic Drinking Cups
When I was a kid I had a problem drinking out of drinking glasses because of the lip marks that were left on the glass after I took a drink. I insisted on always drinking out of plastic cups. This weird quirk has followed me into adult hood. I must have my plastic drinking cup.

Thursday Thirteen


elaine said...

Hi! thanks for stopping by! I really love your list, because i'm totally into being grateful for the little things, happy TT!

marnini said...

Great list. I completely agree with #12. I wrote a post recently titled Capture the Moment. It's about how taking pictures are so important.
Stop by and check out my blog!

The Q Family said...

Great list! I agree about the camera and other things on your list. It's the little thing that we take for granted.

Thanks for stopping by The Q Family.

-Amy @ The Q Family

soleil said...

A nice list! I'm glad I don't have to live without those things either!

Kristi said...

Very good list. I agree with all of them. I don;t think I could pick a favorite'

Christine said...

The drinking out of a plastic cup was a good one. That is a little interesting. The rest of it I can agree with....especially the baby wipes.

Joyce said...

Hi, Kelly,
Thanks so much for stopping by my Thursday 13; I'm so glad to meet you. :)

Let's see. I think I might be your twin from another generation. #11 and #13 are the only ones that aren't as important to me. I see you put good coffee #1. Smart girl. :)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh sweat pants! I feel yea there. I love sweat pants and yoga pants. They are greeeeat!

Zenmomma said...

I agree with #1 except I never tried to fool myself that I could live without my coffee. :o)

Firefly mom said...

Ooooh, I don't know if I could live without books! OK, maybe I could, but nobody would like me very much ;D

I love mom blogs, too! Especially other homeschooling ones. I love getting to peek at how other people live and learn, and how we can all laugh together at the crazy things our kids do!

Candy said...

great list! My H is a "minimalist", and we go round and round about the things in our life that are necessities. Coffee is number one....that's Right!

Sue said...

Great list. I can't imagine life without coffee either. I just went camping and wouldn't even consider not bringing it with me!

Thanks for stopping by mine. Happy TT!

Kris said...

Love the list. I'm right there with you on the computer. It's sad, isn't it? ;-) I've really come to love the Mom Blogs, too.

SissyMerks said...

Love the list. You have included pretty much all of my favorite things.