Saturday, August 30, 2008


There is something about fitting in that makes me feel comfortable and loved. When I am with family and friends and we agree on issues or support each other’s lives, it gives me a warm cozy feeling of belonging.

When it comes to the Catholic faith within our families, Big D and I are kind of outsiders.
I would love to have get togethers where talking about Feast Days, the homily at Church or political issues would not leave people feeling uncomfortable. I would love to have a devout Catholic family that understands my life and why we choose to live this way.

When I think about this I am wondering if I am being selfish, if my reasons are more for my benefit than the benefit of other’s souls. Sometimes they are selfish and I really don’t mean them to be. But I can’t help finding myself longing for the companionship of like-minded Catholics who are close to me.

I have been blessed to belong to a great homeschool group with women I can relate to. Friends from my parish have also played a major role in my faith and the feeling of belonging. But nothing compares to an everyday relationship you can turn to for advice and understanding.

While doing my daily blog reading I came across a post by Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars. In her post she gave recognition to Catholic blogs. While I was reading I realized how important Catholic blogs have become to me, especially blogs written by Catholic women and mothers.

Everyday I can go to these blogs and find wisdom, faith teaching, advice, and a sense that these women understand because we all belong to the same community.

I am beginning to know my fellow moms in my homeschool group a little better. I pray that our relationships will grow and we can all benefit from being close Catholic women and mothers.

Never take for granted that you and your mother, grandmother, sister etc…are just alike. Having that connection is what helps bring peace to the soul.

I want to thank Catholic’s who reach out from their blogs. It does not go unnoticed. To some you are a daily connection to belonging and a guide to help on the path of faith.

I greatly appreciate it.


Robyn said...

I was raised Catholic but since our mom converted when she married our dad, they both thought we kids would receive our catechesis from Catholic school. We all became nominal Catholics, but I grew more spiritual after having our first son. My siblings think of me as a "bible beater" and it's uncomfortable trying to talk about anything spiritual with them.
My mom is the only one I can talk religion with, but we have great talks!
And I read your Ingalls post, I refer to my husband as my Charles Ingalls!
Last, our 5 year old started Kindergarten in July (public school, ugh!) and I am not happy about it! I'm working on my husband to let me homeschool starting next year. He has reservations about it, so pray for us, please! I'm supposed to research it this year and we'll talk about it, so far I've bought the Catholic Heritage Curriculum for first grade and am dying to do it!!
I enjoy your blog, I'll be reading it often.

Christine said...

I am also blogging because of you and other Catholics out there. There are not many in my family either. If someone in my family is Catholic they do not practice their faith.

I am so blessed my husband is a very strong Catholic.

Anonymous said...

I teach a CCD class and other than immediate family, they're the only ones that I feel I have a connection with. I also met a wonderful woman in one of my groups and she started a blog not long after me. We get along great and we're of great help to each other. I'm looking for a Catholic homeschool group. Being Catholic just seems to make you an outcast. Why I don't know, but it's always been that way.

Soul Pockets said...

Robyn,My prayers are with you and your family.