Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Camping Trip

We just returned from our family camping trip and it was a lot of fun. Much to my surprise it was relaxing as well.

Big D and the kids did all the cooking, and I had no dishes or laundry to do, what could be better.

Sleeping was an adventure. Oney had the Croup during the night. We didn’t have any steam from a shower to relive it so Big D slept with him in the van with the AC turned on. It relived the croup, but I don’t think Big D slept.

The beach was great. I haven’t gone swimming in a lake for a long time.

Now we are home, showered and sleepy. I enjoy camping but nothing beats the comforts of my home.

We need a bigger van. There are two more kids in there somewhere.

Lets see who can win the bean bag toss.

Kids making their own dinner. That's what I like to see.

Dirt is fun

The more gooey the better.

The kids found a frog. I actually had to say these words, "Why are you kissing the frog?" "Please don't do that."


SissyMerks said...
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SissyMerks said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a great time. I love camping. It is the perfect way for us to get the boys to unplug and spend some good quality time with us. We haven't made it camping this summer but we are going to try to go before the weather turns too cold. You have such a great looking family, how could you not enjoy yourself! :-) I am glad you had fun and got to relax. ((HUGS)) Chris

Kristi said...

I still have never been camping. My husband has been nagging me for years.

The Q Family said...

Wow! Look like you guys had a great trip!

The Q Family said...

Nice! Look like it's such a fun trip.

-Amy @ The Q Family

Ginny said...

That little frog is so cute, I would kiss it too! I am always getting in trouble for kissing animals-totally grosses my husband out!

Baylee said...

Kids are enjoying camping trip the most.