Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jesus With Us The Gift of the Eucharist (Book Review)

Lil D will be making his first Communion this year. It is a very exciting time for all of us. We have been reading books and going over how important his First Holy Communion will be.

One of the books we just finished reading is Jesus With Us The Gift of The Holy Eucharist by A.Tarzia and J. Ferri.

Lil D and I both love this book. It is full of information. The book tells how the first Masses were done, Miracles, and the reasons why the Eucharist is so important to Catholics, plus much more.

This book is intended for children ages 7-10 years old. It is an easy but informative read. We read half the book one-night and the other half the next.

Lil D especially liked the story about the miracle of Bolsena. He said he wanted to go to Orvieto Italy so he could actually see the cathedral where they keep the Host and the corporal.

He enjoyed hearing about the masses held in the catacombs, but was not to keen about visiting the underground cemeteries. I told him by the time we were able to take a family trip to Italy he would be much older and the catacombs would not seem so scary. Lil D’s reply to this was if we go to Rome when he is older I will be too old and not know where I am going. He then got up off the couch and acted out how I would be walking through the catacombs, old and senile complete with a hunchback and cane. Thanks Lil D.

If you are looking for a book for the special day of First Communion or would just like to go over the importance of the Eucharist with your children this would be a good book to add to your list.


MoOsE said...

oh thanks for the review. When my girl gets old enough I will totally have to check that out. :)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Sorry, that comment from "Moose" is actually from me. My husband was signed in under my account .... again :)

Anonymous said...

I wish they had this book when my daughter did her 1st Holy Communion. She did it well before the rest of the class and this would have been nice to have at home and a great "gift" to help her understand. She does now, so everything worked!!

Marie said...

The one thing I find rather sad is that many parents no longer dress their children up for this very special day. Children arrive for their First Communion in jeans, track suits etc.

I wonder if it is just here that this happens?

Peace and Joy to you Kelly:)


Soul Pockets said...

Marie, I have never seen a child dressed inappropriately for First Communion. If I did I would feel disappointed. When my oldest two made their Communion there was an announcement made for parents who could not afford proper attire. The announcement was to let the parents that help would be given to them discreetly. I am assuming this would be the reason why some of the children would not have the proper clothes. If it was because the parents didn't care than that is sad to me.