Monday, August 11, 2008

And Baby Makes Seven

We had a lot going on this past week. Big D took a vacation, we went camping, we took the kids to the Exhibit Museum of Natural History, and we attended Big D’s work picnic. We ended the week by having a little visitor stay with us for the weekend. Baby B my little niece.

The kids loved having Baby B around. Everyone wanted to hold her and feed her. She received lots of kisses during her stay here. Miss and Bug were all about Baby B. They were constantly taking care of her and remarking about how cute and cuddly she is.

Lil D also thought she was a little cutie, he would come and look at her periodically and remark about her cuteness and then take off again. One time Lil D announced that this place is a zoo, but I am sure he said it out of love.

Oney gave Baby B lots of kisses at first. Poking Baby B’s head seemed like his favorite thing to do. After a while when Oney realized Baby B was staying for a while, he was not happy that my attention was directed at her. We had a few meltdowns.

Babies need to eat all the time. At least that is what it seems like. I am used to giving the little ones some crackers and sending them on their way. I forgot what a production feeding a baby is. But it was a happy reminder when I had Baby B in my arms as she ate, her little eyes looking into mine as she dozed in and out of sleep.

The first night Baby B slept well for a newborn, Oney did not. Every time I would get Baby B to sleep, Oney would wake up. It was at 3am the first night that I remembered what sleep deprivation felt like.

The next night went better. Everyone slept properly and I could actually function in the morning. It was nice to have Baby B around. Her little smiles can melt any heart.

Newborns need a lot of care and attention, it was a little overwhelming at first, but it got easier as the weekend progressed.

My favorite time was when all the kids were asleep and Baby B and I had our quiet alone time snuggled on the couch. I think we bonded.

The week is over, Big D is back to work, and Baby B is home with her mom and dad. It was a fabulous week. Now it’s time to get a little rest, I have about 48 hours of sleep to catch up on.

Baby B

Little Mommas

A moment when Oney was happy to have the baby around.

Baby B and her favorite Aunt.


Christine said...

I bet she smelled so good! Sounds like a fun and busy time.

SissyMerks said...

I love babies! I try to swipe them anytime I am around one. As long as I can give them back. LOL!

Ginny said...

You look great holding a newborn.... :)