Thursday, August 14, 2008

Child Psychology and Nonsense by G.K. Chesterton

My dear husband sent me this article by G.K Chesterton.

I found this article to be quite interesting. Chesterton explains why adults can sometimes be caught up in the ways they teach their children and forget that there is a child involved.

I think it is important when educating your child to think of them. What is on their mind, how do they learn? As I start to homeschool it will be beneficial to my children for me to remember this. Yes they need to learn math, English, science and so on. I want to do what I can to teach them the way children learn. I want them to enjoy it.

"In this age of child-psychology nobody pays any attention to the actual psychology of the child. All that seems to matter is the psychology of the psychologist and the particular theory or train of thought that he is maintaining against another psychologist. Most of the art and literature now magnificently manufactured for children is not even honestly meant to please children. The artist would hardly condescend to make a baby laugh if nobody else laughed, or even listened. These things are not meant to please the child. At best they are meant to please the child-lover."

One of the many reasons I decided to homeschool was because I wanted my children to love learning. I think that's why Chesterton's article hits home with me. I want my child's learning to please my child--not just the "child-lover." I think homeschooling allows just that.

Read the full article Child Psychology and Nonsense by G.K Chesterton


SissyMerks said...

Very insightful. And considering politics have taken over my kid’s school I think it is also very true. I am very disappointed in some changes they have made to the curriculum; I don't feel they are of benefit to the children. It has been a hot topic of debate and resulted in the resignation of several very good teachers at the end of last year.

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

You are absolutely right to have as a goal "teaching your children to love learning." If you do that well, you have truly succeeded at home education!
I checked out your gig with the homeschool crew from your sidebar...very cool! Nice blog!