Monday, January 19, 2009

You Got A Friend

I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people who I consider friends. People I have things in common with, can spend time with, and care about. Friendship is an important part of life.

When I make new friends it is an exciting experience, but I don’t think anything beats the feeling of old friends. A good thing is that new friends will turn into old friends and that is the beauty of it.

I have two friends who have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly with me, and I thank God they have still decided to stick around.

We have been through the awkward adolescence, the crazy teen years, and the more settled adult life together. We know each other inside and out. There is something special about having people in your life who know every single thing about you.

As we got older, the marriages and children came. New jobs, school and other responsibilities come up that take away time spent with my friends. We may not see each other for weeks, but when we do get together it is like putting on your favorite pair of shoes that you have had for a lifetime, comfortable and familiar.

We are a silly bunch of ladies and can get each other through most any situation with a good talk and a lot of laughs.

There is nothing in this world more important than my husband and children, but sometimes no one can understand you better than the women who have been through it all with you. I am blessed to have the best of both worlds.

You’re never too old to be a BFF. :)


Christine said...

You are so lucky to have BFF! They are precious.

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...