Monday, January 26, 2009

Tinkerbell or Bust

We are going to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. I am more into getting things ready rather than being surprised, and I find knowing the gender of the baby helps with the planning.

I did not know how serious the gender of this baby was going to be until Bug and I had our brother/sister talk. It went something like this…

Me- Are you excited to have a new baby brother or sister?

Bug- Yes, if it is a girl I am going to call her Tinkerbell and if it is a boy I am going to punch it in the face.

Me- (shocked into silence)

So Bug and I had a talk about how newborns need lots of love and care from big sisters no matter if they are a boy or a girl. We also talked about how completely unacceptable punching a baby in the face is.

I have been quizzing her on the brother and sister thing in order for me to understand that she understands she may not hit a baby brother. Now when I ask her if she is excited about her new baby brother or sister she says…

Bug- I want the baby to be a girl, but if it is a boy I will not punch it in the face because that is mean and babies need love.

I am happy with that answer, but I will still be keeping an eye on little Bug.


Jamie said...

That is so funny!! Yes, it will be a good thing to find out the sex of this baby!!

It does help the kiddos get to know the baby and feel closer I think!

Katie said...

Oh my! Kids sure can shock you, eh? My oldest used to desperately want a baby brother, until she made friends with the neighbor girl (who has 2 brothers) she's decided brothers are awful and hopes we'll always have girls.

Christine said...

I waited for 3 of them and found out with one of my kiddos. I cannot wait. It is a big deal boy or girl!

The things kids say!

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Hilarious! When we were expecting Celeste Luke said he wanted to name the baby Ostrich.
Isn't it fun to have a family?