Thursday, January 15, 2009

As Long As Old Men Sit And Talk About The Weather

It is 4 below here in Michigan and it feels like 17 below. Winter is really starting to tick me off.

This will be my 33rd winter and as I get older the more winter starts to bother me.

Weather is good way to talk to people you don’t know, especially when it is so cold. Every store you walk into someone will say, “Is it cold enough for you?” or, “Can you believe how cold it is?” Back when I was younger and people would say this to me I would always think to myself, yes I can believe how cold it is, it is was the same last winter and every winter before that.

Now I have become one of those weather-talking people. I am now the first one to tell the cashier at a store how cold I am, or talk to the person behind me in line about how I wish winter would be over. It’s weird how things change when you get older.

When Winter in Michigan rolls around I wonder why my family could not have been from a warmer state, but then I remember how much I love the other seasons and if I get through a few months of living in the Arctic, Spring will be here and all will be well.
Another funny thought went through my head today, I do not own gloves, a hat, or even a scarf. Why? I have no clue. I have a box full of winter gear for the kids but I don’t have any.

I hope winter will end soon, but it does give me something to talk about to people I may not have talked to otherwise. I can be the annoying lady in the store who is always in shock of the weather even though it has been the same every year since I have been born. So there are some good things about winter.

Can you believe how cold it is?


Jamie said...

I can, because I bet it's colder here in MN!!

I feel exactly the same way you do. I think it's a time we always ask ourselves "why do we live here?" I bet when the first settlers settled here in the midwest, it was not January. I bet it was July or something like that.

Many years ago when working at a Montesorri school I was in charge of the afternoon group and had to take them outside to play and learned that I had to be warm in order for it to be enjoyable.

SO, I still have snowpants, scarves, mittens, extra socks, you name it and it's not so bad when going outside to play if you are warm enough!!

Get at least a head band and mittens, it will make your winter go faster if you are warm.

I am dreading my holy hour tonight at 10pm, because that van will just be soooooo coooooold afterward with out actual 20 below expected temps (just like today, schools were 2 hours late, like that would help) Who knows what the wind chill is, who cares!

It does make us appreciate Spring though, doesn't it?

Hang in there!

Soul Pockets said...

Thanks Jamie, it is nice when someone can feel my pain. :) Yes I think gloves and a headband would be a wise choice!

Katie said...

It's -14 (without windchill!!) here in my part of Indiana! Coldest day we've had since '94 (see, I've become one of those weather talking folks, too!)

I do have scarves, but I also don't have a hat or gloves! Hmm.

Christine said...

oooh! SP you sound so old...hee hee just kidding.

I love the cold..ok not this cold but I love winter. I know I am one of "those" people. There is just so much fun to be had outside.

What you need to enjoy this weather is some clothes...naked people do not survive very long. Cover those ears and phalanges!

Chris said...

I can believe it. It is pretty much the same here in Nebraska. I am just grateful we don't have any snow.

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Would you please get some gloves, now???
I bought two hats this year and I'm making myself wear them. I am not a hat person but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
I even bought some long underwear last winter and I love it. I got the really thin stuff and it makes all the difference!