Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're Back

The first day back to school went well. The kids got down to business and did not complain. Lil D actually said, “I kind of missed school, is that weird?” If he is my son than yes that is weird, but I am glad he still likes school.

Miss is getting much faster at Math and is doing pretty well. I don’t think we will need an outside tutor; she has the hang of it now.

The blog The Homeschool Classroom has a post-called My Favorite Things: The Link Edition. One of the links was to a site with a free online reading assessment.

You can have your children take the reading test and you get the results back immediately by e-mail.

I hope our school days continue to go as smooth as today. We have five more months until summer vacation, but I won’t let the kids know that I am counting down the days.


Chris said...

It sounds like the homeschooling is going well. Glad to hear the kids got back into things so easily.

Jamie said...

I'm counting down the days too, until Summer...actually I'm counting down days until it is warmer than 20 degrees!! :)

Congratulations to you too!!!!! I hope you are feeling good, I'll pray for you too!!