Thursday, January 8, 2009

Heart Beat

Taking four children to my doctor appointment is not my idea of a good time. Everyone behaved so it wasn't too stressful. My two little ones got a kick out of seeing the ultra sound on the monitor screen.

Even though this is my fifth time going through all these procedures it amazes me every time I have the first ultrasound and see the little bean looking baby. The feeling I get when I see the tiny fluttering heart beat is always a feeling of amazement and relief, no matter how many times I have witnessed it.

It's a beautiful experience.


Chris said...

I hope you are feeling well.
I remember the little sound of the 1st heartbeat. I can remember how amazed I was by it.

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

KELLY!!!! I have missed you and your blog. (That's my own fault - I haven't been visiting anyone!)
I didn't even know you were pregnant! But today at Mass Catherine asked me if you were expecting and I said "I'll have to visit her blog!"
I am so happy for you. And your hair looks gorgeous by the way.
It occurs to me that it's wild that I "talk" to you more here than I do in person. We need to change that!

Soul Pockets said...

Thanks Cathy,
We should be best friends by now! In person. LOL