Sunday, November 2, 2008


The time to vote is upon us.

In my younger days I was not a voter. I did not think it was that important, not until I was married and had children did I see the importance of the issues that would effect my country and my life.

My husband and I do not want our children growing up and thinking the way I thought as a young adult.

There is a place called Green Field Village, if you have never been there it is worth the trip. When you go there it is like stepping back in time. You can visit historical homes, see how the America of the past lived, worked, cooked, and how the actions of others shaped our country today.

Green Field Village has an exhibit about Women Suffrage, and how much pain and hardship women had to go through to get the right to vote. There are posters, letters and other memorabilia on display from the time when women were fighting for the right to vote.

You can sit in a jail cell and watch a video of the actions that were taken against these women. Some of the women who were jailed went on a hunger strike, only to be force fed through tubes shoved down their throat.

Miss was in disbelief that there ever was a time that a woman could not vote. We took this opportunity to explain to Miss and Lil D the importance of voting and how when they turn 18 it is a right that they should never take lightly.

I think the experience stuck with them because both my son and daughter are talking about this election and about voting.

I will be taking Miss with me to vote, I encourage everyone to go out and vote. Take your children with you. Make it a learning experience that they will carry for a lifetime.

I know when Miss and I are standing in line waiting to vote we will be thinking of the women before us who fought so hard for this right. To stay home and not vote would be dismissing everything these brave women suffered for.

Mothers take your daughters and have a little “girl power” time. If you don’t have daughters take your sons and get them acquainted with the process.

Whether you have children or not, whether your female or male, young or old, embrace this wonderful right that we have as American citizens and VOTE.


Chris said...

When I was old enough to vote I didn't have an interest and then one day I was talking to my mom and complaining about polotics and she told me something I will never forget, She told me that if I wanted a right to complain then I needed to excercise my right to vote. I have lived by that standard ever since.

Soul Pockets said...

That is a great bit of wisdom your mother gave you, smart lady. :)

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Earlier this season I read something about the women's suffrage movement (I believe it was on the homeschooling carnival) and I was just blown away.
I'd never given much thought to what these women went through.
Today we will probably have to wait to vote. How many of us will be complaining while we're waiting?
We should be thanking God for this right instead. (And thanking those courageous women who paved the way for us girls.)

Marie said...

I have nominated your blog for an Award:) I really enjoy reading your blog so much. God bless you.

With love your friend,

Marie xooxoxox