Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Birthday and a Feather Party, What More Could You Want?

I had an exciting past weekend. It was Oney’s 2nd Birthday.
We had a little party for him. Here he is with his Blues Clues cake.

This cake is very easy. Make a 9 inch round cake and some cupcakes. Frost the cakes with blue icing and there you have Blue's clue.

I also went with my family to a feather party. If you have never been to one let me explain.

They are held at a Polish hall and you can win all sorts of things. This year they had Turkeys, beer, pop, salami, fruit baskets, and the beloved liverwurst.

I dislike liverwurst very much, but the people who attend these feather parties LOVE it! When liverwurst is announced as the next prize people actually applaud. If you happen to be the lucky one to win a 3 foot liverwurst (I am not kidding about the size) you can trade it with someone for just about anything.

For 20 dollars you can play 10 games, have a few drinks and eat free hot dogs or venison stew. The Polish really know how to have fun.

I was apprehensive at my first feather party. I didn’t know if it was my kind of thing, but as you can see in the picture below I was quite proud when I won salami!

My sister-in-law and I felt that a picture was needed.

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Christine said...

Loved the cake! Very cute!

Great picture of you gals also!