Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overwhelmed or Lazy?

I am feeling overwhelmed, or just lazy.

We have some kind of extra curricula activity every day of the week except Wednesday and the weekend

I have found that on the days where we have no extra things to do school goes much better. There is no rush, I can do the things with the kids that take extra time and we enjoy it. I may even get a load of laundry done or clean the kitchen on those days.

I like being home, and after a day of school all I want to do is get the house tidy (notice I didn’t say clean.) and chill out. Yep I am a lazy mom or overwhelmed, however you want to view it.

My kids are independent. They all play together and really don’t want anything to do with me unless a Barbie needs to be dressed or a fight breaks out. I can sit and read my books while they sit at my feet and play. So it is not like I need to get out of the house or a breakdown will happen.

My kids also play with their friends in the neighborhood, that means after school and after the extra activity all the “regular” school kids are banging at my door at 3:00pm to come over and play. On those days I can feel a breakdown is close.

My kids’ socialization is through the roof, I am the one that needs work in the socialization area

When I was a kid there was no such thing as extra curricula activities. I went to school, came home did homework and chores, if I didn’t have to watch my brother I went out and played until the streetlights came on.

I feel like I have to do all these extra things for my kids or they will feel left out and unsocialized, even though it may be effecting the education I would like to give them, not to mention my sanity.

I need to find a comfortable place for both my kids and me. Give them extra activities without compromising school time. Have some fun activities planned without the result being pulling my hair out.

I need advice from parents, whether you homeschool or not, how do you handle all the extra activities that seem to be a must for kids these days?


Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Come and see me...I have a present for you on my blog!

Joyful Days said...

I stopped in yesterday and read your post and have been "chewing on it" since. This is something I can really relate, but not sure I can offer any advice.

Without a doubt, being home is my first choice, but right now we run. No lacking for socialization here!

Prayers for peace & wisdom!