Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reading Circle

I have always read to my children. It has never been a formal thing; a bedtime story or my kids will bring me a book they want me to read while I am sitting on the couch. It is usually during my favorite show that this happens. I think they see me sitting on the couch and think that must mean I am looking for something to do.

Lately we have been doing something different. Everyday after dinner I decided we would have reading circle. The kids and I get their reading books and each one of us reads a story from our chosen book. We lay in a circle on the floor.

I purposely told my kids about this plan because I knew they would hold me to it. Sure enough Lil D reminds me everyday that we have to do reading circle. I now look back on my plan and wonder if I really said everyday?

There are nights when I am tired. Nights when I really don’t want to listen to three stories and have to read one myself. Some nights reading circle goes great, other times there is bickering and tantrums from a three year old when she is told if she is going to bang on pots, throw toys, or do gymnastics she needs to go in the other room.

I will keep doing reading circle. I will try to do it every night. The kids do love it and it helps us to be close to one another. I will also keep doing it because there will come a day when my kids are teenagers and they will not want to lay on the floor with me and read aloud to each other.

One day all my babies will be grown up. I will have time on the couch by myself watching my favorite show. I will be able to read a book to myself in complete quiet. It will be nice. At the same time I can see myself looking down at the empty floor and longing to be lying in a circle, hearing stories from little readers. I will envision a three year old tumbling around us and a sweet voice reminding me that we must do reading circle again tomorrow.

What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot


Kristi said...

What a great idea. Since I am gone during dinner teaching, I relish the time I have to read to Noah before bed. It's our time to connect together. Since school started, he has been even more snuggly during this time and I will treasure it as long as I can. Great post.

Christine said...

I still read to my boys....12 and 10. They love it!

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

A while back, John insisted that I read three stories to him every night. And I did, for a thousand and one nights it seemed.

Now he doesn't always ask for stories, and I'm starting to realized that these days will soon be gone.

It seems like yesterday (don't you love that expression?) that Lauren and I were snuggling in my bed reading "The Secret Garden." Now she's a married woman...

Cherish these times! (That's a reminder for the both of us!)

SissyMerks said...

What a great idea! My little guy and I like to read together. Sometimes we struggle to find time but we can usually make something work.

Marie said...

What a great idea...I love books and always have:). It was a teacher that taught me a great love of books even though my mother was also a great reader.

One thing my mother did when I was a child she would give each of us 'our special day', what did this mean?

My mother would say, 'guess what? Tomorrow is 'Marie day,' when told that I would be jumping up and down. It meant that the next day my mother would cook me my favourite breakfast, when I got home from school I would find a little treat on my bed(sometimes a scrapbook or card telling me just how much she loved me) my mother would cook my favourite dinner which was shepherds pie and my favourite desserts either chocolate steamed pudding or rice pudding. I also got to watch my fave TV shows and was given an extra piece of chocolate. It wasn't my birthday, it wasn't Christmas...but On MY 'Marie day, I felt like a Princess. My mother would then do the same to my sister and brother.

Do other mothers do this for their children?

Peace & blessings to you:)


Soul Pockets said...

Marie, I love that idea! What a great way to make your kids feel extra special.


Marie said...

my mother died many years ago, she was only 56 years old. But this Gift she gave when I was a child, LIVES with me still....My 'Marie days' are memories I will treasure till I die.

Peace, JOY & Blessings to you:)

Marie xoxoox

amy said...

I agree with everyone else--it's a great idea, and one that your children will treasure. It's true--they do grow up so quickly--my oldest started middle school this year! I try to remind myself each day that I am making memories for my kids. Needless to say, some days I do better than others.