Thursday, September 11, 2008

Preschool at Home

I was not going to do formal Preschool for Bug, but she wants to be like the older kids and demands to do school everyday.

I have been forever printing out worksheets from theses sites and we are also doing the learning poster from Brightly Beaming Resources. This poster is a big help when it comes to teaching letters and shapes.

I like the way the older kids help Bug with her work. When we sing preschool songs the older kids sing right along with us. I think having her older brother and sister doing school with her gives her more confidence and gets her excited about learning.

It is a challenge to teach a preschooler along with teaching the older kids but so far it is working well.

Painting her viking hat.

Bug the Builder

She is proud of her poster.

Time for serious work.

Preschooler in training.


Kristi said...

That belly button book was one of my boys' favorites when they were little.

Christine said...

What a hard working little girl!

Chris said...

They look like good students to me!

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Bug is such a dolly. I just want to eat her up! (Oney too! All your kids in fact!)