Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Skipping Prenatal Testing

I had my first Doctors appointment yesterday. The baby should be here August 17th.

When I was pregnant with Oney the test for Down syndrome and Spina bifida came back positive, I was a wreck. I had an amino done and after the two weeks of waiting we found out he did not have any genetic problems.

I talked to some people who said the test for Down syndrome was unnecessary, that false positives were very likely to happen and all that would cause me was undo stress.

I spoke to my doctor about this and told him I would like to pass on this particular test because no matter what the outcome I would not terminate the pregnancy.

My doctor told me that skipping this test was not an option in his practice. He told me I must take the test and he would recommend further testing should the result be positive again.

He reassured me that there would be no talk about termination that the reason for the testing would be so he would know how to treat me and how the baby should be treated medically once born.

That made sense so I agreed to the testing.

I feel I won’t be as much of a basket case as I was the last time the test came back positive. Talking to the genetics counselor helped a lot. Being able to have the resources early on was another reason my doctor gave me for this testing.

I am asking for your prayers for the heath of this baby and for me to have the courage to accept Gods will for this baby whatever that may be.


Kristi said...

We had a false positive for Aaron too. It cost a lot of money for further testing and then found out it was negative. I completely support your decision to skip the testing. I do pray that this pregnancy is healthy for you, as well as the little one.

Joyful Days said...

I will keep you and your precious baby in prayer & also pray for wisdom for those who are providing care.

Christine said...

It is scary isnt it. I have a friend who has a down syndrome baby boy who is now one.

A couple sundays ago while praying after Mass, a down syndrome Man went over to the tabernacle and just held his hand on it. What a heart. I have never seen a "normal" person do that. These people have very very special hearts.

prayers to you. what a blessing!