Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Days

A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars has tagged me for a meme.

According to the rules, I have to post six things that make me really happy ...

1. A box of Rasinetts and a Diet Coke

2. Alone time with my favorite guy. Whether we are having a simple uninterrupted conversation, a quiet dinner, or a vacation, it always makes me happy when he and I can be alone.

3. Watching my children grow into beautiful human beings. Enjoying how are relationship changes as each year passes.

4. Staying in my pajamas all day and feeling absolutely no guilt about it.

5. Going to the library alone with no time limit and finding all the books I went searching for.

6. Pants that fit in all the right places.

Now I need to tag some people…

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Let’s get happy!


Chris said...

Thanks for the tag. I reposted. I really love doing these little fun things like this and getting to know others and they make me think and learn about me too. Have a great weekend.

Medela said...

I loved these six things that make you happy, if you ask which one is the best out of the six? my answer would be the 3rd one! I am sure most of the readers will also say the same!

Ginny said...

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