Monday, December 8, 2008

Memories, a Cherished Christmas Gift

Christmas and babies are a beautiful combination. When Christmas comes around and there are babies in the family it makes the holiday that much more endearing.

I think it is because Christmas is a miracle in itself and when you can ponder this miracle and can be around the miracle of a child it brings Christmas to a new level.

Some of my fondest memories at Christmas time are when my children were babies. At night when the house was quiet and the only light was from our Christmas tree I would sit and rock my babies. Sometimes I would have Christmas music softly playing in the back ground, other times it would be completely silent except for the breath of my sleeping child.

These were times when I could feel God so close to me and my heart was full.

I have a Christmas book that I checked out from the library for my kids. As I was looking through the book I came across this poem. It is a beautifully perfect Christmas poem that reminds me of my favorite Christmas memories.

The Mothers Song
Eskimo poem translated by Peter Freuchen

It is so still in the house
There is a calm in the house,
The snowstorm wails out there,
And the dogs are rolled up with snouts under tails.
My little boy is sleeping on the ledge,
On his back he lies, breathing through his open mouth.
His little stomach bulging round-
Is it strange if I start to cry with joy?

May your Christmas be full of miracles, memories, and the fullness of God.

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Chris said...

Beautiful post and I love the poem.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season as well.