Thursday, December 4, 2008

Positive Thoughts Equals a Positive Person

I am always thinking about one thing or another. I am sure everyone does this.

For the past few days I have been practicing positive thought. Basically I am trying to be conscience of all my thoughts during the day and decide if this type of thinking makes me happy.

If it does not than I am supposed to drop the thought or change it in a way that makes the thought enjoyable.

(I will get into why I am doing this at a later time.)

As I was practicing positive thought, I was going over nice things people have said to me or genuine compliments I have received.

One time my grandmother told me that she wished I could have been her mother. This touched me because it was coming from the woman who raised four children of her own plus my brother and me.

Two compliments that I received that struck me as very genuine and really did the trick to help me be positive were from my parish priest.

Big D and I were making a NFP video along with our Parish priest for the Arch Diocese. I was getting my hair done before the taping. When the lady was finished I looked in the mirror and said, “I look old.” My priest very nonchalantly looked over and said, “No you don’t, you remind me of the women who used her hair to wash Jesus’ feet.”

Some may think this a strange compliment, but I felt radiant after hearing it. I did not feel beautiful on the outside (I still did not like my hair) but I felt so beautiful and pure on the inside. All my insecurities left and I felt wonderful.

The second time I was lifted up by a compliment was when the same priest came to our house for a visit. I was in the early stages of pregnancy with Oney, my fourth child. I felt worn out, fat, sick, and not sure if I could handle four children

My priest asked when I was due and I told him the end of November. He got a big smile on his face and said how lucky I was to be going through a pregnancy about the same time as the Virgin Mary.

This may not be a compliment, but anytime I am referenced with the Blessed Mother I take it as just that. I was filled with joy by his words. I focused on what he said through out my pregnancy and felt good inside.

What am I trying to get at with this post? I am not sure. I think I want to find a balance of feeling good about myself without being superficial or conceded.

I want to be more positive and shape my thoughts around things that make me happy while getting rid of the thoughts that give me anxiety.

Enough thinking for the moment.

God Bless and happy thoughts.


Joyful Days said...

Those are compliments to treasure!! I don't think this is superficial at all. Quite the opposite, what peace and joy you gain from practicing this will spill over and bless everyone you touch.

Lovely post!

+JMJ+ said...

What a great priest. Thanks for sharing those stories. It seems to me that what you have found is not just positive thinking.

You have found comfort and support from women of the bible, of God. These women suffered. Jesus suffered greatly too. He is The follow. He is The follow. He is The Truth...what was truth for Him is truth for us.

Sometimes we need to see our smallness and be filled with humility to carry the crosses He asks us to carry. But that's not negative thinking. MAry and the other Mary were women to admire and emulate because they were filled with love of God and ready to suffer all for His Will to be done.

God bless you as you continue to shine like a saint to others. We are called to be saints.

Christine said...

As a family we try to give 3 compliments to someone everyday.

I have major hair issues. It is so thin and uuuuuugly.

I try not to think too much about what others think. (I must have makeup on when I leave the house so what does that say about my first sentence???) There is so much pressure in our culture to be perfect. It is hard.

Chris said...

I believe firmly in the power of positive thinking. There are times when I struggle but I always try.

Marie said...

I think we need to embrace and understand a Spirit of JOY. For instance I have been faced with a lot of challenges this year but have always kept this spirit of Joy throughout all. It is a quality that is hard to explain because it is not optimism but a real sense of inner Joy where even adversity is treated equally with prosperity.

Pray for this spirit of Joy, then believe you have recieved it and then LIVE it:).

I always find much to ponder on with your blog:) and that is also a blessing:).

Peace to you always:)

Marie xoxooxox