Thursday, December 30, 2010

In With the New!

The New Year is fast approaching and it's time to make those resolutions. You can also be the type of person who likes everything about how things are going and ease into the New Year without wanting to change a thing. I am always the resolution type of person.

Homeschooling-I will try to be more organized. Take more field trips! Have my first grader reading well.

God-I really wanted to get the kids and I to nightly Mass on Friday. This is a tad difficult, so we have all been trying to go as a family at 8am Mass with my husband. (We usually divide and conquer) I think it is important for a family to go to Mass together, but I also notice it is very hard for me to focus when I have all the children with me. My resolution is to still try to get us all to Mass at the same time, but I may include a couple Friday nights where I can go alone. :)
Trust God in all things!

Husband-I would love to spend more time with my husband, just the two of us. It can be hard with five kids. I would like to do at least a once a month date night for him and I. Also I will try to make sure he has clean socks every morning. Who am I kidding, this will never happen because he doesn't put his socks in the right spots to be washed. Oh yeah, and I will try not to vocalize his shortcomings. ;)

Money- I MUST pay my library fines. (That one is so embarrassing) Set up a Christmas club account. I don't want to deal with a wiped out bank account after Christmas again! Work on our debt. Take at least one vacation. The vacation doesn't have to be big, but a hotel must be included.

Dog-Get my crazy puppy in a training class!

Me-Take vitamins, I have already started this one. Workout, my friend and I are signing up for a weight loss challenge this new year. It is for 5 weeks and the team that losses the most weight wins a year membership. I really want to win! If we don't I will still be doing something for my health, getting some alone time, and spending some time with my best friend. It's a win/win situation! (I do really want to win the membership though)
Find the time to do more crafts. I don't know where I will fit this in, but I'm going to try.
Try to be the best person I can be everyday.

I think that's it. I'm looking forward to the new year. I'm looking forward to the changes and to the things that stay the same.

I hope the New Year brings you much love and joy!
Happy New Year!

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