Sunday, December 26, 2010

God Bless This Mess!

Christmas was fast and fun! The presents, gifts, food, family and friends, we had it all!

Now it's time for the clean up. I can hardly walk anywhere in my house and no one but me seems to mind!

It's still Christmas and things don't really have to be in order until January 6th right?

I will try to remember how Mary's Christmas was. Mary's Christmas was in a dusty barn filled with animals, dirt, and straw. I'm sure she didn't keep saying, "Why didn't you get me a cleaning service for Christmas!"

My family and I are on vacation and I'm going to make a path in all the toys, and enjoy this time with my family.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful. If your house is like mine, repeat these words often, "God bless this mess!"

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