Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beans and Rice, Rice and Beans

If you are familiar with Dave Ramsey you know his saying "Beans and Rice, Rice and Beans" if your not, Dave uses this saying when he is helping people get out of debt and get control of their money situation. Basically he tells people to do whatever you can to decrease your debt, save money and build a financial future, even if it means you will have to eat "Rice and Beans" while you are doing it.

My family is following the Dave Ramsey plan but we have yet had to go in the rice and beans direction. I was thinking that we do like beans and we do like rice so it would not be too hard to literally eat rice and beans.

Here are two blog post that I came across which take the saying "rice and beans" and make it a reality, and these ladies make it sound good!

Whether you want or need to eat rice and beans for a week, or you are looking for frugal meals, or if gosh darn it you just like rice and beans these posts are for you.

You can go to How to Eat Rice and Beans For a Week, by Money Saving Mom and this post HERE by But First,We Have Coffee.

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