Monday, March 16, 2009

7 Things I Love About My Parish (A Meme)

Tabula Cerata has tagged everyone who reads his post 7 things I Love About My Parish.

1. The Parishioners

I absolutely love the parishioners of my parish. They are so welcoming and care so much about our parish. They will give as much of themselves as they can to keep it going. When Oney was in the hospital my family was given a big statue of the Blessed Mother to keep at at our home. We were also given healing oil and many prayers. They are always full of smiles and always complement my children even if they weren't behaving that well on Sunday.

2. Our Priest

Our priest is young and full of life. He is witty and funny. He is very smart and just got us out of a debt that was over a million dollars! He is good with children and knows how to keep them interested in their faith.

3. Our Deacons

Our deacons are about the sweetest bunch of men I know. One in particular gives homilies that make me cry every time. Their hearts and their words show how much they love the Lord and how much they care about the people of our parish.

4. Our Music director

Our music directer is awesome. She plays and sings beautifully. It does not matter if she is playing traditional songs or contemporary, she does a wonderful job. During lent she has some prayers sung in Latin. I have no idea how to say them but I love it. She is great.

5. Generosity

The generosity of my parish is unbelievable. As I mentioned before we just got ourselves out of a debt that was over a million dollars! We were able to do that because we have a driven priest and a parish full of giving people. When it comes to gifts and food for the poor, people in my parish give with abundance. It is wonderful to have such a giving parish.

6. Children

The kids are involved in our parish. We have a children's Mass, Stations of the cross that is performed by the kids, and of course the Christmas pageant. Children are encouraged to give food to the poor each week, and we now have a cool youth group that is full of great ideas for the younger people in our parish.

7. Reverence

My parish and the way Mass is done there is so beautiful and reverent. I feel so close to our Lord and I can feel that the real presence of Jesus Christ is there.

I can go on and on about how much I love my parish and what it means to my family and me.

If you are reading this you have been tagged. Let us know the 7 things you love about your parish.

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