Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our First Field Trip ~ Sweetest Heart of Mary Polish Catholic Church.

We had our first field trip of the year with a homeschool group to the Sweetest Heart of Mary Polish Catholic Church. We went to Mass, had a tour, and a picnic.

This Church is beautiful. Constructed in the 1800's many Polish immigrants made this church their home. Many Polish, and others, continue to make it their home today.

Everything about the trip was wonderful and informative. I especially like that I found out they have a Pierogi festival every year. We will be at the next one. Yum!

A blessing with the Holy wood of the Cross


Anonymous said...

A splendid church! Are there still many Polish folks going there, or have the demographics of the area changed a lot over the years?

Hmmmm... A pierogi festival? I've never eaten that before. Isn't it fish preserved with lye? Doesn't sound to appetizing to me... But as I said, I've never tried it...

I hope you and the kids found the excursion both enjoyable and educational! :-)


Soul Pockets said...

The priest said many Polish families still attend as well as others. Pierogi are little dumplings filled with cheese, potato, or Kraut (my favorite) or sometimes they are filled with fruit. I recommend you try some, I think you will like it. :)